The Best Cure for Folliculitis! You won’t believe this!

This is Vanessa. She’s a Fighter. Back at the beginning of July while volunteering at her kid’s summer camp, she discovered that she had stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer with mets. Which meant large doses of Chemo and whole brain radiation… Yeah, that knot in your stomach?… we felt that too…

Vanessa bravely underwent the procedure. And then 3 weeks into the process she noticed hundreds of painful pimples all over her head. Her hair hadn’t even fallen out yet?! As If cancer wasn’t miserable enough, she soon discovered that she had contracted a bacterial infection of the hair follicles called Folliculitis.

She tried the antibacterial salve that the Drs provided which worked for 2 weeks, But it returned and they had no other alternatives other than good hygiene. Soon after, she heard about something strange. A Tree Resin Salve that works miracles! She faithfully applied the salve 2-3 times per day and within 2 days there were amazing results…

… and here’s the results at Day 5!!

This Amazing Non-Toxic Salve is miraculous to say the least! It’s no wonder that our ancestors saw it as a priceless commodity!

100% Organic with Bees Wax and Tree Resin, This is a Powerful thing of Nature!

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